The mission of West Deptford Little Theatre is to inspire our membership to develop an appreciation for theatre arts;  to respect the talents of each individual, and to encourage the values of cooperation, and responsibility through participation in all aspects of live theatrical productions.


WDLT was established as part of the West Deptford Township recreation program to develop an appreciation of the "arts" (drama, music, dance, art, and set design) and to provide an opportunity for residents to develop their creative skills, and lso to gain skills in drama, music, dance, art, set design and knowledge, molding them into well-rounded adults with a greater understanding and appreciation for the "arts" in general.  Our core program is a 4-6 week summer program holding rehearsals during the day, culminating in final productions at night. WDLT also donates time to entertain at local events, children's programs, assisted living complexes, other facilities and also to benefit many charities.  We do this through the use of our traveling performing group throughout our “off” season. West Deptford Little Theatre is an incorporated non-profit organization with a constitution and by-laws. Our Board members are volunteers who freely offer their time in order to help children of all walks of life enjoy the theater experience. As per our By-laws-- We do not prevent admission of anyone applying for membership because of his or her race, creed, sex, religion, national origin, disabilities, sexual or political persuasion. We provide accessibility, and make any necessary accommodations, for wheelchairs in parking, entrance, bathrooms, and seating. We truly endeavor to provide a family environment.

Our Mission