Any questions or concerns with auditions please email Mr. Z at MR.Z@WDLTPRODUCTIONS.COM

In order to audition for our summer production of shows- you must be registered. You will be able to register in person at auditions.

Those who are entering 9th grade in September 2017 through 18 years old will have the chance to audition if they wish on June 12th & June 14th from 8-9pm at Riverwinds Community Center.

Children who are entering Kindergarten to those entering 8th grade in September 2017 will have the chance to audition if they wish on June 12th & June 14th 6-8pm at Riverwinds Community Center

No one is required to audition for the program. Auditions are for individuals who would like to be considered for a speaking or singing part in the show.  

If you plan on auditioning you can read and/or sing something. We are asking that all children songs be 1-2 minutes in length, and teens must sing 16-32 bars of a song in the style of Legally Blonde the Musical as well as prepare a monologue. Those auditioning can bring a cd or plug in their ipod for their music

Auditions can be scary and intimidating to many people. We as a staff understand how scary it can be, so we have complied a list of tips and tricks to help you prepare for your audition and help you do your best! 

First impressions are crucial. We understand that you may know some of the directors from previous years, or other productions, but every summer is a new experience and a new chance to make your mark. Remember just because you may have earned a leading role last year doesn’t mean you will get a leading role this year. Make your audition count! 

Make eye contact! We like to see your pretty and handsome smiling faces! Don’t look down, keep your head up and eyes on us. We aren’t as scary as you think 

Be confident! When you don’t believe in yourself, it shows. We believe in all of you, so believe in yourself! The more confident you are, the better your audition will be! 

Dress presentable! Don’t dress like you just rolled out of bed, or like you have been bumming around all day. We want to see you at your best! This will help us and you feel more confident. We understand if you are coming in from a sports game.  

Pick a song you know and feel confident in singing. We know that it can be scary, don’t sing a song you don’t know or haven’t sung before. Pick a song that you are confident with and shows your talent! Make sure the song you choose challenges you and shows the director your strong points (pitch, belting, etc) 

Speak up! When you introduce yourself to the directors don’t whisper! Speak up! We promise we won’t bite! We want you to do your best and we want to know that if we give you a line in a show the audience will be able to hear you! 

Keep smiling! Bad days happen, and so do colds and other circumstances. We have all been there. If you mess up, keep going, we understand that not everyone is going to have the perfect audition, but its what happens after you mess up that matters the most!!