The Final Curtain Call for West Deptford Little Theatre……

After 48 years of magic, on December 11, 2021 WDLT held its final productions. The last curtain call for any WDLT cast on stage. A bitter sweet ending to a great run.

Over the last 48 years, little theatre has seen thousands and thousands of children and families come thru our doors and get to experience the magic of live entertainment and to fulfill their dreams to act, sing and dance on stage. Quite a few of the WDLT members have gone on in the theatre world, they have acted on Broadway, they have toured the world doing shows, they have become producers, set designers, technicians, costumers, choreographers and just about every other facet of this industry. And they all will tell you they started with us! It’s amazing to see these people working and know WDLT is where it began for so many of them.

WDLT is NOT closing its doors. We are merely REBRANDING the organization with a new and permanent home. We were given an opportunity to take residency in the Deptford Township Community Center. With that residency comes a few changes, mainly the name. The program remains fully intact, we just changed locations and changed names.

West Deptford township has given us all they can for the last 48 years. We are truly grateful for all they have done for the organization. The love and support over the years has been amazing. However, currently there just isn’t adequate facilities for our program in WD any longer. The space needed to keep this organization running is immense. Unfortunately, there just is no room for our needs.

Fortunately for us, Deptford Township has what we need. More then enough storage space for all our sets, props and costumes, larger rehearsal spaces available all year to us and most importantly a theatre that we can perform in year round! This will open many opportunities for us to hold many more programs and shows then ever before.

I would like to welcome you to the new……..

Deptford Theatrical Productions !

Our calendar for 2022 is already taking shape. Lots of fun and exciting happenings to look forward to. Please keep an eye on all our NEW SOCIAL MEDIA formats…….


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