WDLT Royalty 

Although we offer various experiences for growth and development in this organization, such as directing, crew and performing opportunities, perhaps the most coveted and sought after for our youth are the titles of Miss West Deptford Little Theatre and Young Man of the Year.  These honors are bestowed upon one worthy young woman and man at least 15 years of age, who have been involved with our organization for at least two years, and who embody the qualities we hope our organization helps to develop.  The titles are voted on by our current Miss and YM, along with our Board of Directors and other adults who work closely with our program.  They are announced at our annual awards banquet in the fall, and for the following year, our special representatives, fondly refered to as "WDLT Royalty" act as Ambassadors to the community, representing us at parades, township functions, traveling shows and in any other liaison compacity deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.


On September 24, 2017 WDLT crowned 
Jordan Legg as
Miss West Deptford Little Theatre
Julianna Pollander as
West Deptford Little Theatre Princess
Seen here with WDLT President Joe Schramm